What are we doing?

We work in various sectors for many different clients, including multinationals and household names.
We help them meet challenges throughout the life cycle of business change, from strategy to delivery, and operate at all levels in our clients’ organizations.

We offer support at every level where our customers need us, whether that is for a longer period on site, assistance during a critical phase of the work or just a short, sharp advice.

We help build those important connections and the shared understanding that underpins the most successful projects. By bridging the gap between our clients’ organizations, we help create strong teams that work together behind a set of shared goals.

We support our customers in many different ways, but below are some of the things we are best known for.

Interim Management

  • Experienced
  • Decisive
  • Aware of organizational politics
  • Objective

Project Management

  • Scopemanagement
  • Cost management
  • Planning
  • Quality control

Change Management

Companies are not standing still and have to keep up with the changes over time. Continuously and quickly. That is why organizations must respond flexibly.

Business Process Management

BPM aims to analyze and continuously improve the business processes of an organization.

Incident Management

With good Incident Management you will get the services of your organization back to the normal level as soon as possible.

Problem Management

Nobody wants incidents in their organization. Take control of your past and future incidents with good Problem Management.

Need advice?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Our methodologies

No company is exactly the same. Within CSS Consultancy we use several methods, so that we can be of service to every company.

Let us help you exceed your goals the right way.