Interim Management – personal method

Every organization sometimes needs extra reinforcement. Interim management can be a suitable solution for a temporary situation. In case of a reorganization, to bridge or to get a project moving.

Interim management with an eye for results

CSS Consultancy has been using interim management for years to solve organizational and administrative issues. We only work with experienced people. People who have proven themselves to help organizations with their specific skills. An eye for people and results go together. We work with enthusiastic and inspiring managers and project leaders, with a broad view of business, focused on pragmatic solutions. And of course we will further explore your question through a personal intake, so that we can map your situation and wishes. After which we translate this into the desired knowledge and experience.

Advising and tackling

The strength of CSS Consultancy is the combination of future-oriented advice and the implementation power of experienced interim managers. The interim manager is there for your company and does not stay longer than necessary. CSS Consultancy mainly focuses on special situations, such as:

  • Crisis management
  • Project and change management

Crisis management

The goal is short-term recovery and future success. We implement improvements based on an action plan. This can be done by connecting to the work of our consultants. Or by tackling things independently. You can think of:

  • Intervene, implement ‘quick wins’ with an eye for structural improvement
  • Draw up and implement a recovery plan.

Project and change management

In times of change, directors and management are mainly concerned with issues outside their normal field of activity. As a result, the organization has a shortage of (project) management capacity. Our interim managers are specialized in implementing complex changes. They are selected on the basis of the necessary specific knowledge and skills. And are able to achieve quick results.

CSS Consultancy can provide you with many ways of Interim Management. Do you want to know more? Then contact us voluntarily.

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