Incident Management

Incident Management in a proactive way

Incident Management is one of the most important, if not the most important of the IT processes. Nowadays, technological improvements can prevent a lot of outages, but unfortunately the fact is that outages will almost always persist. Outage will continue to test the responsiveness and understanding of an IT organization’s business processes. Incident Management are the processes of an organization that are used to manage one or more outages or imminent outages.

Organizational responsiveness to outages has a direct influence on the length of the outage and the coordination needed to limit the outages.

A proactive approach to will reduce response time, improve communication, maintain business process continuity and reduce impact. Good Incident Management makes the processes during an incident predictable and reliable. By means of observation, organizational learning, practical testing of both your own staff and hired staff you can get a good process to handle your incidents.

Why CSS Consultancy?

CSS Consultancy has extensive experience in the field of Incident Management. Effective Incident Management is a learned behavior. We work to understand your culture, identify the work processes, and then integrate the best practices for incident management processes that best suit your environment.

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