Let us help you exceed your goals the right way.

The purpose of our IT consultancy services is simple; we want to ensure that customers get maximum value from ICT through our services.

Some of our clients

What do we do?

Some of our consultancy services.

Interim Management

  • Experienced
  • Decisive
  • Aware of organizational politics
  • Objective

Project Management

  • Scopemanagement
  • Cost management
  • Planning
  • Quality control

Change Management

Companies are not standing still and have to keep up with the changes over time. Continuously and quickly. That is why organizations must respond flexibly.

Need advice?

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Our methodologies

No company is exactly the same. Within CSS Consultancy we use several methods, so that we can be of service to every company.

Our story

CSS Consultancy is a professional organization that provides its clients on a temporary basis with experienced managers on an ad interim, change and project basis. Our professionals, men and women, know where you want to go and get you there. They each have at least 8 years of experience in IT, business and with employees within line organizations and consultancies. In doing so, they use relevant and leading management and project methodologies. They are able to quickly and efficiently (re) shape or get out of an organization an organization and often act as a confidant of the client.
CSS Consultancy

Let us help you exceed your goals the right way.